COVID-19 Practice Guidelines

We have significantly increased sanitation efforts in the office. Disinfecting everything the patient comes in contact with including every counter surfaces after all encounters.

  • We are taking precautions and we are asking our patients do the same by using hand sanitizer or washing your hands upon entry to the office.

  • We will ask if you or anyone you have been around in the past 14 days have had any symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath and your temperature will be taken.

  • Our office staff will wear masks and at times gloves for both your and our protection at times where we cannot social distance. We will be disinfecting every surface you come in contact with throughout your visit.

  • Generally, our office will not provide patients with gloves or masks. During your visit, you are welcome to bring your own.

  • We ask that if you are sick, do not come into the office. If you are sick and have a serious enough ocular emergency you will be referred to the nearest hospital for treatment.

    • If an *ocular emergency is required to be seen by our doctors, we ask that you wash your hands upon entry and a technician will take you directly to an exam room.

  • We are limiting our schedule – to keep to a minimal the number of patients in the office, we ask that patients not bring family and friends with them to the office.

  • Within the office, we will be practicing social distancing. This includes limiting the overall amount of discussions to essential elements during the exam process.

  • If glasses are needed, we request patients not roam the optical but to stay in your designated station. The opticians will bring select frames to you, based on your style preferences, to minimize patients handling frames. Afterwards, every pair that has been handled will be thoroughly sanitized.

While we have given every precaution, there is still a risk. We give each patient the choice to be seen and therefore will be submitted to a health screening upon entry. It has been proven that if you have the virus and you CAN spread it before onset of fever or any symptoms, but the risk of transmission is much higher once signs and symptoms set in.

Telehealth: When you call into the office with an eye issue our staff and doctors are working diligently to triage the situation and decide what is best for each patient. We are screening each patient for symptoms of COVID-19 and/or any recent exposure to anyone who has had symptoms. When possible, we are offering a virtual exam to determine a diagnosis and to formulate a treatment plan. These visits are called “telehealth” visits and are now billable to most medical insurances.

Ocular Emergency: An ocular emergency is any ocular issue that requires a trip to our office. You will be greeted at our door by a staff member who will ask again that you have not had any recent COVID-19 type symptoms and that you have not been exposed to anyone who has. We may check your temperature and ask that you wash your hands before proceeding with the examination.

** If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and have an ocular emergency, you will be referred to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Non-emergency: In order to ensure the safety of our staff, doctors, and patients we are asking that those picking up products/ eyeglasses/ contact lenses wait outside the door. We will deliver the item(s) to you! If you are having eyeglasses repaired, we will ask that you wait outside while we make the repair. We are offering free shipping for eyeglasses and contact lenses during this time.

We thank you for your understanding. Prayers for your continued health and safety. We hope to see you all soon!

Dr. Weber, Dr. Obrock, Dr. Camp, & Team

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