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What is Astigmatism and Do I Have It?

There are many different issues that can affect our eyes and vision. Many people are familiar with myopia and hyperopia. Myopia, aka nearsightedness, is where you can see nearby objects clearly, but ones further away appear blurred. Hyperopia is the opposite, with far-away objects being seen clearly. However, far fewer people understand another very common refractive eye problem – astigmatism.

What Qualifies as an Eye Emergency?

Any part of our body can become injured during our lifetime, including our eyes. Unfortunately, our eyes are extremely sensitive, and any sort of damage can potentially have very serious consequences for the health of our eyes and even our long-term vision. Sometimes accidents and injuries occur that require immediate medical attention, but how do you know what qualifies as an eye emergency?

How to tell the difference between dry eyes, eye allergies and eye infections

Eye conditions are very common and there are a number of different types which can affect us, often at any point of our lifetime. Many are fairly minor and will resolve themselves without intervention.

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